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Creator of BURN® and Founder of Hard Core Fitness Studio

Maria has been a successful group fitness instructor for many years, having undergone her own dramatic weight-loss and understanding full well what that journey entails. She started her fitness career by teaching kickboxing and cardio salsa for various local gyms in Orange County. Throughout the years, she has also taught club boxing, bootcamp, Zumba, kettlebell training, weight training, indoor cycling, yoga and Pilates.  She has since created her own High Intensity Fitness Program, BURN™. Hard Core Fitness Studio is the culmination of Maria’s experience and passion for fitness and empowerment through exercise.

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, AFAA Group Fitness Certification, AFAA Personal Trainer Certification, Zumba License, NCCPT Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification, AHA First Aid & CPR/AED Instructor Certification, NCCPT Weight Management Specialist

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Ring My Kettlebell, Gotta Tabata, BURN

Hard Core Fitness Studio has been the perfect conduit for nurturing Hector’s passion for teaching and learning about fitness. After beginning treatment for a medical condition, Hector gained thirty pounds in three months but decided that it was time to take back control of his life. He began by attending Yesenia Marquez’s Zumba classes at UCI with his wife, and soon moved on to the BURN program designed and created by Maria Guerra. Once he started watching his nutrition, the pounds began to come off and he started to feel like a better version of himself. Wanting to spread the joy that he was feeling, he began to show up to every class with a positive attitude and began encouraging others to do the same, always ready to share a smile or a high five in the middle of a workout. Now Hector splits his time between being a college lecturer, tutor for homeschooled children, and spending time at the studio learning and practicing all that is necessary for a healthy mind and a healthy body through fitness.



Zumba Gold®/Stretch & Strengthen

Felicia has enjoyed all forms of dancing since she was a child and after attending her first Zumba class with Maria in 2012, she has been hooked! Her participation in Zumba classes has led to a steady commitment to BURN sessions and a passion for fitness. Witnessing her mom’s health issues and increasingly limited range of motion has compelled Felicia to become a Zumba Gold instructor. Felicia is fun, energetic, silly and genuinely cares for everyone around her. She is committed to helping everyone enjoy exercise regardless of their abilities.

AFAA Group Fitness Certification, Zumba License, Zumba Gold License, Silver Sneakers License, AHA First Aid & CPR/AED Certification


Jam Session Cycling

As the former owner of Bike2theBeat, Jim has been teaching indoor cycling for close to 10 years. He is known for his upbeat choreographed moves and his rhythm-based style. In other words, when you take his class, you will literally be dancing on the bike! Jim, who enjoys music of all kinds, likes to feature an eclectic play list in his classes. When he is not at the studio, Jim can be found at his day job as a program manager for an engineering firm or at home watching sports on TV or renovating his house with his wife and two King Charles Cavaliers. He is also the proud father of a 21-year-old entrepreneur son.

Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification,  AHA First Aid & CPR/AED Certification


PiYo® / Flowing Flexibility / HIIT Me Up / Dancespiration / Meet Me at the Barre

Kristine’s path to group fitness began when injuries halted her plans to become a professional ballet dancer and set her on the road to a very rewarding career teaching Classical Ballet.

From there, her studies in the correct use of the body along with her joy in movement and love of a challenge led her straight to group fitness which she loved so much, she became a PiYo® instructor so that she could share her knowledge of and enthusiasm for health and fitness with others!

Kristine is very excited to be at Hard Core Fitness Studio!

AFAA Group Fitness Certification, PiYo License, AHA First Aid & CPR/AED Cerification


Ride or Die Cycling

Sandy has had a love for working out since she was a young teen. However, since she tried her first cycle class 13 years ago, she was hooked! It quickly became her favorite kind of work-out and she knew sooner or later she would end up becoming a certified instructor. She’s a very passionate person with great energy and you can feel it in her cycle classes. She’s lived in 5 different cities across the nation and originally from Ecuador. And she introduces all her vast cultural influences in her music choices. That, paired with her great energy will guarantee you an amazing and fun workout!

Schwinn Indoor Cycling Certification, AHA First Aid & CPR/AED Certification


Ride or Die Cycling / Ring My Kettlebell

Wendi is a recent Hardcore Fitness Transformation! She has been road cycling since college and joined our studio one year ago looking for a place to train, but found a fun fitness family to help cure her empty nest syndrome now that her two fantastic daughters have gone away to college. Elementary Montessori Teacher and life time Fitness Fanatic, she has always had a passion for fitness and an active lifestyle. As a Schwinn® Indoor Cycling Certified Coach, Wendi has a passion for life and loves working with people helping them achieve their fitness goals.

AFAA Group Fitness Certification, Schwinn Indoor Cycling Certification, AHA First Aid & CPR/AED Certification


Kids Zumba® / BURN® / Zumba® / Power Dance Fitness

Ever since Yesenia could remember, she loved to dance and play sports.  Her life changed when she became a full-time mom with no time for herself.  Then Yeseniai found Zumba and discovered she could workout by doing what she loved and, best of all, lose weight.  She has since lost 60 lbs in just a year and a half.

Under Maria’s tutelage, Yesenia became a Zumba instructor instructor in 2013 and a BURN trainer in 2014. She is also certified in First Aid and Pediatric and Adult CPR/AED.  Being a mom of three beautiful children under the age of 8 has also motivated her to teach Kid’s Zumba and Athletic Training.  Our children can also have fun working out. We set the example and they follow.

Zumba License, Zumba Kids License, AHA First Aid & CPR/AED Certification

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