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No memberships required, no up-sells, no hassles.

We know it says “membership” in the wording, but that’s because we consider everyone a member of the family.

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Not Your Average Fitness Studio

Membership Not Required

I know, right?

No Registration / Cancellation Fees


No Upselling

Focused on Group Exercise Classes/Workshops

Open 6 Days a Week!

Monday – Thursday  |  5 AM – 9 PM

Friday  |  5 AM – 7 PM

Saturday  |  6:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Crazy Affordable

Not exaggerating!

After-School Classes

It’s like childcare with a boost!

Class Rates
(a la carte, No Membership Required)

If you’re not sure you will be doing all your classes with us, or you’re stuck in a gym membership but want to take a class here and there, no problem!

Just pay for the classes you want to take. No fuss, no muss (what does muss mean anyway?).

Schedule of Classes

*subject to change.

Told you we weren’t exaggerating……

Membership Pricing

if, on the other hand, you find you’re taking our classes more often than not, it may be more affordable to get a monthly membership.

Each additional family member gets $10 off their membership (must be on the same account). Please contact us to sign up for this option.

No Need for Cumbersome Gym Equipment you don't use

and isn’t effective anyway!

No Overly Aggressive Sales People

when all you want to do is workout!
At Hard Core Fitness Studio, you won’t find yourself wandering around the gym waiting for a machine or trying to avoid sales people.

We have a beautiful, well-equipped facility with nice restrooms and dressing rooms.  There is plenty of parking and we’re directly off the freeway; so no excuses for not stopping by on your way to or from work.

YOU choose what works best for you on YOUR terms.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

“BURN™ is challenging to each person regardless of whether you’ve taken the sessions for years or just one day. I love that each unique session is filled with people of multiple fitness levels and that we all support and motivate each other to keep moving forward. My body and health have continued to improve over the 2 years of doing BURN™.  I can’t imagine NOT having Maria Guerra and her BURN™ program in my life!”

Felicia Hamm

I have been going to Hard Core Fitness Studio for years and it’s been the best experience I have ever had. I never used to exercise before because I didn’t liked to and maybe I still don’t but this place has something that makes you go back and keep working at it. The instructors are great and the environment is unbelievable!

Mayra G.

“This is the one gym that I actually look forward to visiting. No gimmicks just hard work and great results. Also, everyone here is extremely friendly and the trainers make working out fun.”

Hector M.

“Life changing! I found HCFS by looking for a dance class on Google… and I have never been the same since! Maria, the owner and amazing instructor, welcomed me with open arms and it was love at first Zumba class. Her loving spirit made me want to keep coming back and utilize all the classes to improve my health. At first I was intimidated by the classes, but now I have attended every single one of them more than a handful of times. The instructors and fellow members are now my good friends too! Not only have I gained friends but I lost weight too!  Maria doesn’t hold back and she makes sure you get a good workout.  It’s always easier to lose weight when you are having fun… and you definitely will here!”

Kim F.

“When I decided to start Zumba® due to medical reasons, I wasn’t expecting more than a good workout with a twist. I took my first class with Maria and I instantly fell in love with her energetic style, fitness knowledge and incredible personal story. She is my inspiration and my hero, and I strive to be like her one day. She is a force of nature with many talents and all of us who know her are very fortunate. Thanks for all the amazing sessions Maria and Let’s Zumba®!”
Elsa A. Slusher

“I enjoy a good work-out and Maria knows how to push you to limits you weren’t even aware you had! Her energy is contagious and incredibly motivating. I love her teaching style and being challenged more & more with every work-out.”
Sandy Jaramillo

“I LOVE THIS PLACE! Seriously, my home away from home. You come here to get work done and in exchange you become part of this amazing family. I wouldn’t train anywhere else! This is a safe haven to come be your better self. No judgements EVER! Hard work on the daily, but absolutely no regrets! Classes are always different, all of them are fantastic, and the trainers are top notch!”

Michelle V.

“The best place ever. Maria makes you feel at home and gives you a killer workout every time. The instructors are awesome and there is always something to gain from showing up. Ditch the globo-gyms and go to HCFS!”

Sarah Beth M.

Frequently Asked Questions

I haven't exercised in a long time. Do you have beginner's classes?
All of our classes are designed for all fitness levels. Go at your own pace and increase intensity and speed or resistance as you get better and stronger. Don’t get me wrong, you will be pushed, but never beyond your realm of possibilities. You’ll be impressed at what you can already accomplish in the right environment and under the right circumstances.

Give it a try and see for yourself!

I just recovered from an injury. Is it safe to take these classes?
That totally depends on the injury and how well you’ve healed. This can only be determined by you and your doctor. We strongly recommend that you get cleared by a physician before going back to exercising after any type of injury or illness recovery. When you have been cleared to return, then you can start any of our classes, at your own pace. You can increase intensity and speed as you feel better and get stronger.
What is your refund policy?
Because we don’t charge registration or cancellation fees, we are not able to offer refunds. Once a class, BURN™ Session or month of membership is paid for, it’s yours so you might as well use it!

However, we know “stuff” happens and are more than willing to work with you to make other accommodations, like an exchange for another class (24 hour notice) or even transfer to another person.

How do BURN™ sessions work?
BURN™ is a 6-week program that starts with an orientation day which includes measurements, a review of basic form and techniques and a breakdown of the warm-up routine that will be used for that session. A fit test is done on the second day (don’t worry, everyone passes). Each 6-week session ends with a “graduation” which includes measurements, fit test and even prizes!
If I sign-up for a BURN™ session in a certain time-slot, am I limited to only that time slot?
Not at all! If one day you can’t make it to your BURN™ group, you are welcome to drop in to another group on that same day. However, some groups may be full so please message us prior to coming in to make sure there is space.
Do you have a nutrition program to lose or gain weight?
Maria is certified as a Weight Management Specialist. Appointments are available to obtain a personal nutrition plan. A version of this is already included in the BURN™ program.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn't answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.