Ride or Die Cycling

Ride or Die Cycling Taking indoor cycling to a whole new level! Perfect for both beginners and advanced riders, this cycling class will take you on a journey of rolling hills, flat sprints, steep climbs, team challenges, active recovery drills, jumps, and more....

Ring My Kettlebell

Ring My Kettlebell Best Core Work-Out Utilizing one of the most ancient and practical tools for fitness, kettlebell training allows for non to low impact cardio as well as resistance exercises, all of which directly affect the core muscles. Weight-lifting gloves and...


Zumba┬« Working Out Shouldn’t Be So Much Fun! A variation of music genres, simple yet heart-pounding choreography and an exciting ambiance take our Zumba classes above and beyond the norm. So don’t be shy, shake what your mama gave ya and party yourself...
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